Forthcoming Events

We’re currently planning two great events in one weekend – click the links to get a feel for what’s on offer

Saturday 27th August 2016 Cosmopolitan Carnival
Sunday 28th August 2016 Cosmocular

More about us

Formerly known as Kaleidoscope Arts, Cosmopolitan Arts provides community based multi-arts tuition in: media, photography, music, dance, art, film and creative writing. We commission artists to exhibit work and facilitate a variety of arts based workshops.
Cosmopolitan Arts also host large scale arts based events aimed at bring communities together to celebrate Leicester’s vast array of wonderful and culturally diverse communities. Utilising the arts to break down cultural barriers, promote integration and enhance understanding.
Our mission statement is to: Expose, engage, stimulate and inspire people through the arts, captivating people who do not generally get the opportunity to connect with art to help make a positive difference.
Cosmopolitan Arts was originally set up (as Kaleidoscope) in January 2011 to save the Manor House Community Centre in Leicester, which was threatened with closure due to under use. We secured funding and staged a successful arts event that saved it from closure and put it back on the map.
Cosmopolitan Arts directors are competent artists in their own right with many years experience in the arts. We feel that we have a strong complimentary skill base, which has assisted in delivering and achieving successful previous projects including Mind Your Manor, Leicester’s First Cosmopolitan Carnival, Youth Arts Projects, Spoken Word and Film Workshops and Community Comedy film.
We aim to amaze and do things that have not been done before, be prepared to be dazzled in 2016!!!
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